Effective April 1, 2009                                   Price                 


Full Appraisal                                                500.00            

2055 Exterior Only                                        400.00  

This form can only be ordered if we have appraised the property or you have an old appraisal to properly document the size and room counts.       

Re-inspection / Upgrade                               125.00      

Multi-family                                                   700.00      

FHA Appraisal                                               500.00

USDA Appriasal                                             500.00   

All of the above appraisal fees include the new Market Condition form required by all Lenders.   

Full Appraisal (non Lender)                          450.00

Appraisal to determine listing price, evidence of lower value to County Tax Assesor, Divorce or Asset division, Investment, and any other non lender use.                

Credit Card  Pay     Pay Now (Must call me before making payment) For any form not listed please call 919-342-0737.